• Akumal 2024 October 3rd to the 6th

Akumal 2024 October 3rd to the 6th

Prepare for the ultimate diving adventure with Scuba Connection! Immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean and explore mystical cenotes in a unique blend of underwater experiences. Our expert guides will take you on thrilling ocean dives teeming with marine life, and then venture into the mesmerizing cenotes for an otherworldly journey. Join us for a seamless blend of excitement and tranquility beneath the surface. Dive with Scuba Connection – where ocean and cenote exploration unite for an unforgettable adventure!

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Our 2024 adventure to Akumal will be slightly different than our regular bookings. You will have more options to dive the way you want to dive and stay as long as you want to stay.

Accomodations will be at Hotel Akumal where we will have ground level bungalows that are steps away from the beach and dive shop. Options for double occupancy and single occupancy are available.

If you'd like additional nights to enhance your stay, just let us know and it will be set up.

Diving will be a la carte, you will be able to select the diving you'd prefer to do.

All ocean dives occur right off the beach at the dive shop and are single tank. Akumal Dive Center offers 4 daily dives; 9AM for the deepest of adventures, 11AM, 1PM and then 2:30PM. A night dive will be scheduled for October 4th during this stay.

The deep reef starts at a depth of approximately 60 to 70 feet and extends out in finger like ridges, and drops to between 100 and 140 feet of beautiful canyons. A second reef ranges from 50 to 70 feet in depth, making this a perfect choice for your second dive of the day. Akumal is part of the same reef as Cozumel.

The shallow portion of the reef runs between 25 to 45 feet in depth with large Elkhorn formations.

For those of you wanting to venture further into the jungle, amazing Cenote dives await!

The Cenote dives are typically shallow dives (15-30 ft/5-10 m), and open to anyone with an entry level diving experience. The fresh water is extremely quiet, welcoming you to a world of silence and rest. It is an easier diving opportunity for all the people who might be scared of the sometimes adverse conditions of the ocean. The paths you will be using will always be wide enough to have two people swim side by side, always with in 120 ft/40 m from a direct access to air and daylight, and your groups will be a maximum 4 divers per guide. Unlike the ocean, you can always dive Cenotes with bad weather. It is a dive available all year long!


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