NAUI NREC (NAUI Recreational Equipment Configuration) is A Modern Equipment Configuration and Introductory Course for the diver who wants the benefit of utilizing today's most modern equipment configuration in a single tank configuration or a double tank system with an eye on the NAUI Intro to Technical Diving Course as their next step in the learning progression.

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Rec and Tec configurations are one of the most controversial and discussed topics in diving today.

All NAUI technical programs require the same configuration (NTEC).

The purpose of this workshop is to:

  1. Teach and train recreational divers the NREC configuration (NAUI Recreational Equipment Configuration) and the logic behind it.
  2. Improve buoyancy and streamlining while introducing some new skills using NTEC-based NREC with all its attributes and efficiency, for single cylinder and single tank wing system.
  3. Ideal for recreational divers who wish to improve their performance thanks to a much more efficient way of diving proposed by this holistic and minimalist configuration.

This workshop consists of two classroom sessions and one pool session.
During this classroom session you will learn about NREC and will work have the opportunity to set up the equipment configuration for your use.

During the pool session you will work on making adjustments to the equipment and practice certain skills such as OOA situations which are handled differently compared with conventional OW gear.

Equipment will be available for use with an option to purchase.

If you own your own gear and would like to adjust it the the NREC Configuration, we can set that up as well.

This is a training Workshop and completion of the workshop does not lead to any specific certification.
The cost for this Workshop is $175.00

Open water dives are not included with this workshop however an option for open water will be made available based on interest.


Skill Level: Beginner
Skill Details: This course is for any diver level.



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