• Open Water Certification Dives

Open Water Certification Dives

The time has come and you are ready to complete your Open Water Certification! You will have the opportunity to demonstrate you are prepared to safely scuba dive in the open water.

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Availability: Contact us for booking information

This certification step requires the completion of 4 (four) open water dives and typically completed over two days or during one of our excursions.

When you are ready you can select any of the available scheduled weekends or speak to your instructor if other arrangements might be needed.

Speak to your instructor prior to making any arrangements for your open water check out dives.

The location of your open water dives may vary and there may be additional cost which include entry fees and overnight accommodations. Your instructor will speak to you about these costs, please be sure to ask before you sign up. 

Currently the open water dives are scheduled to be conducted at Lake Hydra which has a $60.00 daily entry fee.

All of the equipment required to complete your open water dives is included. You will be issued your SCUBA set, wetsuit with hood and gloves. There is no requirement to rent gear of pay for air fills.

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